Best Ever? Well, Better Than Nothing

5 April 2010

If you live in Greater Boston and you’re curious as to why your Second Cousin Curly refers to his own self as a “fourth rate picker,” then you should make your way over to Gallery 263 in Cambridge next Sunday, April 11th.  Curly will be attempting to play the mandolin in the band Best Ever Chicken.

All proceeds from the “suggested donation” go to support the gallery and our singer.  Said singer, the wonderful Lindsey Grey, is new to bluegrass and therefore has not heard the old saw:

Q:  What is the difference between a  bluegrass musician and a large pizza?

A:  A large pizza can feed a family of four.

Yer Pal— Curly


  1. That poster… wow. Uncooked chicken appetizing? It looks like an ad for a VERY strange porn film.

    • I gather you haven’t heard us play. Our music sounds exactly like “VERY strange porn!”

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