Play Me “Liberty,” or Play Me “O Death”!

28 June 2010

Went for a run along the Esplanade in Our Fair City yesterday and saw that the scaffolding for this year’s July 4th festivities was already in place by the band shell. Yikes! As the old song goes, “Who knows where the time goes?” All of which is to say that it’s time for Cousin Curly to get his Independence Day video polished up and posted. Without further ado…

For those keeping score at home, that is Yours Truly’s fifth-rate uke and banjo uke strummin’ accompanying my own fourth-rate mandolin pickin’ in a third-rate attempt at homegrown multi-tracking cleaned up with some second-rate editing and first-rate software.

And yep, we had a heck of a view of the fireworks.  Thanks to some friends in high places, we were perched on a penthouse balcony, overlooking the Esplanade, virtually level with the fireworks. Highly recommended, but bring yer earplugs!

However those of you in these United States plan to celebrate our nation’s birth, its love of pyrotechnics and its advances in brewing, be safe and have fun.

Yer Pal— Curly

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