Acoustic Blue: Sound & Style

23 July 2010

That God (or the devil) is in the details is abundantly clear in this installment of Ye Olde Performer Showcase. In this segment, members of the band Acoustic Blue discuss a number of issues related to performance style and technique. Why dress up for shows? Why shun sunglasses? Why use a particular microphone? Taken together, the band’s stance on these and other points defines them as performers. Have a look…

The song Acoustic Blue performs in this segment— “I’d Rather Be Alone”— is a pretty number that Flatt & Scruggs played during their heyday. Years later, the Bluegrass Album Band polished it to a fare-thee-well. Can anyone provide information on the song’s composer and/or lyricist? The melody sounds like it predates bluegrass, but what do I know?

While I’m fishing for input, let me know your thoughts on stage decorum, a topic about which the guys in Acoustic Blue have very definite views. How important is a performer’s physical appearance or the rapport he or she shares with the audience between songs? I was just at the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival. A band that shall remain nameless was playing a killer set, but between songs, they were so cut off from the audience that I thought they might start texting friends. I found that disconnect unsettling. Am I just being shallow?

Hey, are you just getting caught up with Acoustic Blue on Ye Olde Performer Showcase? Catch the previous installment by clicking here. Further segments will be turning up here through the coming month.

Yer Pal— Curly


  1. Hey Curly:

    Just watched your latest interview with the Acoustic Blues and am consistently amazed at how informative and entertaining your segments are. I loved hearing from the band how they each perfect their craft so the combined efforts transcend individual performances to become art. Insightful, entertaining and inspiring all at the same time.

    Looking forward to your next post and slowly becoming a deeper fan of the musical style.


  2. Hi Curly,
    Thanks for the second Acoustic Blue post. It is nice to be able to “return” to Jenny Brook and to hear how they feel and think about their craft. I hope they do another album soon. Did they talk to you about that?

    • Thanks to Jeff and TF for the kind remarks. With regard to Jeff’s question, I don’t know of plans for the next Acoustic Blue album, but they have just released a DVD with the self-explanatory title “Live from the Road.” It can be ordered from the band’s website, http://www.acousticblueonline.com.

      Stay tuned for more AB posts to come…

      Yer Pal– Curly

  3. Well, I have to say that Cousin Curly is doing a great job putting these interviews together. I’m excited to see the next one. It’s also nice to see everyone’s comments. In regards to Jeff’s question about our next album, we are planning to go into the studio early this fall. We already have a half dozen songs listed for it and just can’t wait to get in and start recording. Thank you so much for your interests in AB.

    Keep up the good work Curly.

  4. hey they dont have pemi valley listed

    • If you go to http://www.acousticblueonline.com and then to AB schedule page Pemi Valley is listed there. AB will performing on Friday and Saturday.

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