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Welcome to Bluegrass Central

2 March 2010

Nice of you to stop by!  I plan to use this site as home base during my wanderings through the worlds of bluegrass and traditional string band music.  In general, I’d prefer to lean more heavily on video posts as opposed to text.  Words are wonderful, but we’re dealing with music here, so I’ll do my best to appeal to eyes and ears as opposed to whatever squirrely part of our brain processes text.

Without further ado, then…

Here’s a video postcard from the June 2009 Jenny Brook Bluegrass Festival in Tunbridge, Vermont.  Jenny Brook is a gem of a bluegrass festival.  In this little portrait, you’ll get a glimpse of Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper (featuring Jesse Brock— 2009 IBMA Mandolinist of the Year).  Stick around and you’ll also hear some of the finest pickers in New England jamming to John Reischman‘s lovely fiddle tune, “Salt Spring.”  Players include Joe Walsh, Gabe Hirshfeld, Steve Watt, Tony Watt, Sam Stambler, Ben Pearce and Jeff Horton.

I’m interested in all kinds of bluegrass— the old, the new, the big names, the homegrown acts.  As a fourth-rate picker in my own right, however, I confess to having a particular interest in what Levi-Strauss called “picking culture.”  Actually, he called it nothing of the sort, but you know what I mean: I’m often more into the stuff that goes on around the campfire or in the workshop tent, as opposed to up on the main stage. I hope this interest is reflected in my posts.

By the way, 2010 marks the tenth anniversary of the Jenny Brook fest.  The Seldom Scene will be headlining the three-day event.  It’s not too early to buy a ticket.

A last word about my videos:  I generally favor for posting videos.  Their hi-def streaming video is really impressive.  Though you should always be able to view the embedded feeds here, as I post more clips, you’ll be able to go to vimeo, search for Second Cousin Curly, and watch whatever catches your fancy in full-screen HD.

Of course, feel free to post comments, and please warn all your friends that their Second Cousin Curly is looking for them!

Yer Pal— Curly

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