Stormy Skies and Blue Highway

5 October 2012

We’ve been going through a wet spell of late, and it’s brought to mind another recent Blue Highway tune, though saying “Storm” is about a downpour is a bit like saying Vertigo  is about, well, vertigo. Have a listen:

That’s Shawn Lane singing lead on his own composition at the 2012 Joe Val Bluegrass Festival. Team Curly’s Mistress of Mayhem— that would be Megan Lovallo— took some really nice stills during that set…

Rob Ickes

Rob Ickes (photo credit: Megan Lovallo)

Rob Ickes (Detail)

Tools of the trade (photo credit: Megan Lovallo)

Wayne Taylor

Wayne Taylor (photo credit: Megan Lovallo)

Shawn Lane

Shawn Lane (photo credit: Megan Lovallo)

In an earlier post, I noted that Blue Highway has enjoyed an enviable stability in its line-up. Perhaps the secret to the band’s longevity is that it channels all its turbulence into its material. By my count, this is the third song the group has recorded with “storm” in its title [Trivia Time! Name the other two songs. See below for the answer.] At any rate, here’s to our drying out, and to Blue Highway’s continued smooth sailing.

Yer Pal— Curly

The other two stormy songs are “Midnight Storm” and “Ahead of the Storm.” Prize, what prize? The boost to your self-esteem should be reward enough.

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